Thursday, June 23, 2011

Garden Update with Rose Photos

Hello Friends! (and Enemy...)

My tomatoes are huge & red, my peppers are doing great, carrots are thirsty & heat stressed, squash plants are in several stages of death, melons are pathetic, corn is looking good (ears are hand pollinated as silk emerges), garlic + onions seem happy, asparagus is doing it's getting established thing, brussels sprouts have not yet bolted, the lettuce has more than bolted, beans are starting to produce (but not much), and herbs are as vivacious as ever.

In short, just like every year it's gonna be a mixed bag. 

Here are pictures of my two Knock Out roses. The perfect rose for the busy human

the tomatoes (behind the roses) are about a foot to 2 feet taller now

a poem: 

If I had a gun I'd stalk 
Squash Vine Borer Moths, 
which is why I should never have 
a gun.
~R. Davis