Thursday, April 5, 2012

Long Distance Gardening

This year I had to choose things I thought would do well without me in living in Tulsa because I'm moving to Stillwater, OK to finish my final year of veterinary school. (yay?) I hope to be home most weekends and for a 9 week stint in late Summer/early Fall while I'm on preceptor (think "interning") with a few clinics (O.V.S. and Forest Trails) and then The Tulsa Zoo and Living Museum.

Here is a labeled photo of this year's backyard garden (click photo to view)

I have also planted (but, not labeled) onions throughout, flowers to attract pollinators (marigolds, red & white clover, alyssum, sweet peas, sunflowers), cilantro, more basil, and a pomegranate tree that will probably never fruit BUT it's survived 2 winters. Before I leave I plan to set up the automatic watering system to water the garden and also give fresh water to the chickens. That way my husband will have as little "urban farm" duties as possible.

So, I guess we will see how a year without me will treat the garden.

Bonus Picture: My Garden From Space
(I'm not sure,  but I think this was last year)