Monday, May 13, 2013

YouTube Channels and Garden Overview

Since I have a few weeks before I have to grow up and start work, I've been watching a lot of garden related YouTube videos. Here are a couple of the channels I have really enjoyed. Keep Digging!

Garden Overview (in pictures because I'm lazy!):
Starry Nights Clematis

Last year's Mother's Day Rose. It should be much happier now that it's in the full sun.

COME ON Raspberry! Are you going to grow or not!?

Once again, my magnificent Pink Knockout Rose. Today there was an awesome bumble bee checking it out, but she wouldn't let me take her picture.

Garden Madness: carrots, sunflowers, an onion, and sweet sweet alyssum. Why? Who knows

Hurray a Tomatillo! I love the Tomatillo sauce at Elote, one of our favorite restaurants, and I'm excited to try making my own.

Basil and Isaac's Mystery Tomato. Also, you can see my pecan mulch, be excited.

Squash... Why? It's going to be freaking Hell! Stupid squash bugs!

Pepper Patch: 3 Bell Peppers, 2 Banana Peppers, 2 Sweet Cherry Peppers

Sweet 100 Cherry Tomato

Runner Beans from beans saved from last years harvest

Some type of Lettuce amongst the weeds

Asparagus gone wild.

Cilantro, bolted

Cherry Tree branching out



  1. loved the tour. now i know what i was looking at when i was there. smile. i bet the garden is glad you graduated, too.

  2. :) I know I'm loving every minute in the garden and the weather is behaving beautifully!