Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What a Difference a Weekend Makes

For the last three years my family has attended Backwoods Bash over Memorial Day Weekend. It's super FUN! We camp and listen to great music. When we return home my garden has always changed.
This year, I returned to find a ton of green tomatoes, roses covered with a second flush of buds, 3 to 4 fat baby squash and one huge bell pepper. I also found a ton of weeds. (yeah, those jerks!)

I spent my first morning home pulling weeds and sitting in the garden. I love that. I love just sitting out there when it's still early and everything is beautiful. This morning while I was enjoying the zen of the garden I was pooped on by a bird. That brings you right back to reality. Thank you random bird, for reminding me that we are all connected and while I may think my life and garden are profound, really they're just your restroom. 

In other news, my orange lilies are blooming!


  1. Thank you! :) I love them too! I can give you some if you want because I'm separating them once they're done blooming... or whenever it's ok to. I still have to read up on that.

  2. GGG.here. I believe that you can separate your beautiful lilies early spring after the fonds are gone and they have not started sprouting. How I wish our weather would start warming up so I can start planting. Only thing that is doing anything are my pansies ,They love the cold nights and wet days.Here I am in High Desert zone 6/7 dry and cold and we have been having crazy weather though not as violent as most.Thank you God. PS. I love your Blog .funny ,great pictures,and lots of info. Your gramm is so proud of you!!!!

  3. Thanks GGG! I think the long gardening season is one of the perks to living in OK. It doesn't make up for having less family but, it's nice.