Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Tomato

Oh Yeah!
Kool-Aid Voice

but... a bug already chomped it.

 I don't know, it could still be okay, right?


Also, I found a pretty big spider on the pumpkins. I left her there as pest control, but now I'm kind of scared of that area.


  1. That tomato is still good, don't let one little bug nibble stop you from enjoying the "fruits" of your labor! Haha, I'm punny ;)

  2. Yay, tomato! I think a bug might be getting my jalapeno plant. One day there is a pretty little flower. The next day the flower is brown and it looks like the little stem has been sliced right off the plant :-/

  3. The flowers will turn brown before the fruit forms, but the slicing sounds bad.

  4. I have a big spider you can borrow...

  5. Yea for the tomato.
    Make some commotion before going near the pumpkin so the spider runs and hides.

  6. Oh, that spider is the cutest! We have them jumping all over the grape vines, they are really soft if you pet them :)

    I am so envious of your first tomato, will let you know when I get mind! Also, have two (soon to be three) new gardens in the works due to a move and my migratory student life. Will post pictures soon!

  7. I wish i could love spiders, but they are too scary. I do respect them and I love that they help the garden.
    Also, I totally want to see what you have growing out there. Everything you mention sounds awesome!

  8. You've had some back luck with insects, especially spiders. I don't blame you for being a little skittish. But the garden is looking gorgeous! Proud and getting hungry!

  9. There should be some good stuff ready when you get here :o)