Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mia's Scissor Beak

One of our little chicks, Mia the Polish, has a beak deformity called "scissor beak" or "crossed beak". In this genetic condition there is a lateral deviation of the chicken's lower mandible. This can be mild to severe and sometimes limits the birds ability to eat. It will also cause uneven beak growth. In some cases this condition can be managed or even surgically corrected. The hen would have to be skeletally mature (~5-6 months old) to attempt surgery. By that point, if she's been able to eat well enough, it may mainly improve aesthetics, but not greatly improve her quality of life. If surgical repair is not required, beak trims and an easy to prehend (pick up) diet may be all that is needed. Mia's condition has (as is often observed) progressed quite quickly to a marked deviation to the right. I plan to manage her as long as possible without surgical intervention, but if I feel at 5-6 months it seems like she would greatly benefit from surgery we may pursue it. Hell, I may even preform it! Because as of May 4th 2013, I am a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. Hurray!

Now back to little Mia...

The babies are now ~2weeks old and Mia is much smaller than Astro. This may be in part due to breed differences, but Mia was also slightly thin. Her body condition has improved after I offered several feeding options (wet crumbles, deep containers, etc...)

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So, please send good chicken vibes to sweet little Mia and we'll all hope for the best.

BONUS Pictures:

I <3 Red Clover and so do the bees!

Pink Knockout Rose blooming like crazy

I anticipate this is only the beginning of my plant addiction for 2013 

(Lantana, Mexican Feather Grass & Gaura Siskiyou Pink)

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