Tuesday, May 24, 2011


"AHH, there's a snake in My Beloved Compost!! Wait, no it's just the BIGGEST WORM EVER!!!"

I pulled this beauty out of my pile and it has caused me to question things...
You see, it's like 5 times bigger than all of the red wigglers (Which I added a while ago) so...

(a) It's just a Super-Sized Mutant red wiggler (It does look red-ish) or 
(b) It's a regular sized Native worm of which I am not familiar

I was unable to get accurate measurements on the creature (it kept changing lengths), but It was about 7 inches long and as big around as my pinky finger. (WHAT!? Yeah)

(you may think that's a penny... it's a dinner plate)

So anyway, I named it "Babe the Big Worm" and released it back into my beloved compost (MBC). 
I must also report that this has left me with quite a sense of accomplishment. As I set the monster free I smiled and thought, "Well, I sure do raise-up some big ol' worms." 

World Record Worm : Microchaetus rappi or "Giant South African Earthworm"

***Update*** GGG says it's a Night Crawler. She had a bunch of them in Her Beloved Compost back in Humbolt Co. (See, I told you I was totally NorCal). It's a great spooky name for a BIG Worm, though!!


  1. There was a gigantic worm in my garage yesterday!

  2. lair, if it's a dinner plate how come the cup is big!!!!!!!!

  3. That's not a cup! It's a bath tub!