Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What's in My Garden? (2011)

Here's what  I have so far...

30 different edibles growing this year (not counting herbs).
I've provided links to some of the plants. I tried to find reputable sites. 

3. Bell Pepper (better bell, green)
5. Blueberries (type 1) 
6. Blueberries (type 2)
7. Blueberries (type 3) 
I lost the information for the blueberries, but I know I chose them to cross pollinate for a larger yield 
just pulled these out because I wasn't happy with them and I wanted more room for a modified 3 Sisters Garden 
9. Brussels Sprouts 
13. Garlic (late season) 
17. Onions (yellow)
I had no idea how hot this cultivar was when I picked it out. Oh well..5,000 to 30,000 Scoville Units
growing in the chickens yard
20. Raspberries 
yeah once again I have no idea what type
24. Strawberries (ever-bearing ) 
25. Strawberries (june-bearing, early) 
the strawberries are from last years garden, but I have them potted up now
first time growing corn

I'm excited to see if I'll have enough room!!! I plan to use trellising for somethings, but it's all looking pretty tight.

Oh no, is that "tight" like in cool hip slang or "tight" like squeezed to close!?
Only time will tell...

Thank You Come Again.


  1. Pack it in! OK. A few things need more room but I've had good luck with cantaloupes winding around the tomatoes, etc.


  2. Awesome! :) I think I'll let some stuff escape on to the lawn.